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The Chinese Channel
TVB Satellite – Europe (TVBS-E) is operated by The Chinese Channel Limited. It is one of the most popular Chinese satellite TV station in Europe. Since 1997, it became the first Chinese channel that offers 24-hour programmes on a daily basis. TVBS-E now covers 48 countries in Europe. For the past 10 years, the company has been committed to provide high-quality programmes of different genres, with the sole objective to serve the Chinese community in Europe. To subscribe, please click here or on the logo.

tvb logl TVB - Television Broadcasts Ltd
It is the largest producer of Chinese language programming in the world. Many of the Chinese programmes are dubbed into other languages and are distributed to more than 30 countries, accessible to more than 30 million people every day.

phoenix tv logo Phoenix InfoNews Channel
Phoenix InfoNews Channel is available through UK satellite and cable television providers.

cctv logo China Central Television
CCTV is available through UK satellite and cable television providers.

You can also watch Chinese television programmes on your computer via the internet from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Click here


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