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In late Apri 2009, Margaret Chan, the World Health Organization's director-general, declared a "public health emergency of international concern" under the rules of the World Health Organisation's new International Health Regulations when the first cases of the H1N1 virus were reported in the United States.

Following the outbreak, on April 27, 2009, a newlywed Scottish couple were confirmed as the UK's first cases of Swine Flu. Since then, the virus has spread globally, leading to the World Health Organisation declaring a Swine Flu pandemic on 11th June 2009.

For UK residents, if you suspect to have Swine Flu symptoms, you are advised to call the 24 hour Swine Flu Helpline on 0800 1513513, or visit the NHS's National Flu Pandemic website.

Oriental meals on wheels for Chinese pensioners
Chinese meals on wheels will be dished out to Liverpool pensioners in Europe’s oldest Chinese community if a new plan wins backing from the city council.

The council already delivers bulk meals on wheels to thousands of pensioners, but oriental meals are not part of the menu.
Local councillors hit on the idea after hearing of the popularity of a monthly luncheon club at the Chinese Pagoda in the city centre, where traditional Chinese meals are given to diners......

Liverpool daily Post reports........

chilli chilli restaurant Liverpool Chinatown sword battle: karaoke gang link

Liverpool Echo reports
Two Chinese gangs involved in a bloody straightener at a Liverpool restaurant were rival karaoke performers. Prominent members of Liverpool’s Chinese community said a turf war over cockle picking was behind the violent brawl.

Liverpool Echo reports....

From left to right : Boo Boo, Perry, Ching-He Huang, Ian Pengelley, and Pete.

CELEBRITY chefs Ian Pengelley and Ching-He Huang saw for themselves why Liverpool has become the capital of UK Sui Mai (Chinese dumpling) sales, when they came to the Buffet Club in the city on 2nd June.

More Sui Mais are sold on Merseyside than anywhere else in Britain and the acclaimed head chefs are on a mission to discover why Scouse Sui Mais are proving to be number one.

Ian Pengelley is the head chef at London’s Gilgamesh Pan-Asian restaurant, while chef-turned-TV presenter Ching is a regular on Channel Five’s Meals in Minutes.

Ching, who also hosts a popular show on the UK Food Channel, says: “I love the classic Pork Sui Mai using delicious seasoned pork and dried Chinese mushrooms. So when I was invited to try some new and unique Sui Mai dishes I just couldn’t resist.”

“How wonderful to have the most innovative and exciting new Sui Mai dumplings being served up from, Golden Dragon Food, in their home town of Liverpool, which itself is home to the oldest Chinatown in the UK.”

With two other celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White, both recently announcing the opening of their own Merseyside restaurants in 2010, Ching admits she too may be tempted to dig in some roots on the banks of the Mersey.

She adds: “I have a lot of friends in Liverpool already and they have strong links with the city and the Chinese community. Perhaps one day I too will open my own kitchen here."


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