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Your duty to care for your waste
You have a legal responsibility for the impact your business has on the environment. For example, it's up to you to ensure that your waste is treated and disposed of properly. Going beyond environmental compliance can also bring business benefits, for example selling your waste to an organisation that could reuse or recycle it could make you money and save on disposal costs. The Environment Agency, a government department, has useful advice for businesses on how to dispose of their waste.

Food Hygiene Regulations
The Food Standards Agency is concerned with the whole food industry – from farming, food production and distribution, to retail and catering. It addresses food safety issues at every stage of the chain, providing information and guidance on best practice and legal requirements.
For adivice and the latest information, click here....

Liverpool Vision
Liverpool Vision is the city’s economic development company. It was established at a critical stage in the city’s urban and economic renaissance.

Now the company is enabling Liverpool to complete and accelerate the considerable economic recovery and growth we have witnessed over the last decade. We are focused on building a strong, sustainable economy which can compete more effectively in international markets than ever before. Click here.........
New rules on employing migrant workers - UK Border Agency
The government has introduced a new point-based system for eligibility for migrant workers to work in the UK. It is the employers' responsibility to ensure the migrant workers are legally employed. For the latest information....

Health & Safety at work
Accidents at work can often be avoided by proper risk assessment preparation, and preventative measures put into place. Good work practice will also minimise accidents at work. The Health & Safety Executive set out regulations to ensure accidents can be minimised. See their website for help and advice......

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